We'll burn like a beacon, and then we'll be gone.

Writer and Malcontent

Off to therapy.

ellakrystina said: kinky

The lacquer fumes aren’t even that toxic. I just like wearing the mask.

Also I’m pretty sure I bought that shirt for work experience when I was 15 years old. I’m still waiting to grow into it.

I lacquered my telecaster body in a dress shirt.

ellakrystina said: Maybe that can be your thing ‘the day that changed my life was today because I realised that my life was so boring that I couldn’t even write a poem about my life’.

'oh yes, this poem is very meta' the judge says, 'and the guy seems to be having an existential crisis while writing it,' he adds.

buying a left-handed guitar and stringing it upside down just to be an asshole

how in the name of christ is this guy still alive

I’m trying to enter a poetry competition, and the theme is ‘the day that changed my life’

There’s some sweet prize money on offer, but I hate writing about myself because I am the most boring person imaginable.

I am about 87% sure that I’ve not taken six selfies in my whole life.

panic attacks and shaking limbs are just exhausting.